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Key Features of LED grow lights

Like any other new technology, the range of quality and prices of LED grow lights is so vast that choosing your best option becomes a challenging task. You need to know the salient features of these lights to know what is best for you. The following are some of the essential features of LED grow lights.

Wavelength output

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Certain wavelengths of light are essential for the process of photosynthesis, growth, and development. PAR also is known as photosynthesis active radiations is defined by the wavelengths known to be suitable for plants and will correspond to the visible spectrum. When buying an LED grow light, the wavelength emitted is vital. The reds and blues are necessary for plants and include the entire PAR spectrum.


Watts will tell you how much energy the grow light requires. The wattage is a useful measure since electricity input is directly related to the total light intensity measured in lumens. The light output is determined by the quality of the light components as well as its overall design. As the wattage increases LEDs become less effective due to an increase in temperature in the circuit board that contains them.

Lumens, Lux and PAR

It can be difficult to compare different light systems since professionals use different terms when describing LED grow lights. Lumens measure that describes the total light quantity from the visible spectrum which is emitted from a given light source. However what matters most is the amount of light a grow light will emit. It is crucial to know the amount of light that will reach the plants. Lux is measured in lumens per square meter and measure the quantity of light contacting the surface. PAR measures the energy available for the process of photosynthesis.

Light Intensity

The light intensity drops as you move further from the light source. It is vital to know this fact when comparing different grow lights. The LEDs also have to be positioned well above the plants to spread the light throughout the footprint. You can quickly adjust the height so that it is close to the top-most leaves of the plants.

Quality of LED Chip

fingers holding diodeQuality diodes come at a price since the diode are designed according to precise specifications to emit the right wavelengths. LEDs are made from different semiconductors mixed in different ratios to give a specific wavelength.

These are some of the critical features of grow LED lights that you need to know and beware of. Ensure you check them out best led grow lights for cannabis.…

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