Before you call your favorite restaurant to order for pizza, you should know that there are some kitchen hacks you can use to prepare a healthy, homemade meal within minutes. Chefs offers a lot of tips and recipes.

Always Have a Plan

To get right into dinner preparation, you ought to understand what you are making and have the ingredients ready with you. The good thing about having a plan is that it will keep you honest and know that you have an intention to prepare food from home. Ensure you create a dinner plan for a few days and shop all the ingredients you need. It is a good idea to group the items you need by location of the store, such as fresh produce, dairy, and pantry. In this way, you can speed up the shopping process.

Consider Delivery

Remember that you are not to order your food online. Instead, you should order ingredients. That is the case if you do not have adequate time to go shopping in stores and groceries. You will be surprised how easily and quickly you can create a master of kitchen ingredients. Moreover, most delivery services are free, and you can make your order online. The good thing about ordering online is that it can free up your day to do the actual cooking and prepping.

Prep Food Immediately

Most people go grocery shopping during the weekend and then rush preparing dinner on weeknights. You can avoid frantic hustling by taking some time during the weekend to chop the ingredients to use during the week. In this way, you can save energy and time later. You can even save money as it means you keep your foods from spoiling or wilting. Make sure you store the prepped food properly. That means you keep out moisture and air.

Defrost Efficiently

Another way of getting dinner done quickly is to use ingredients or meals that you have frozen or pre-prepped. You can set the alarm to transfer the food from the freezer to the fridge. If the plan does not work, soak a bag of frozen meat, vegetables, or stew in a large bowl of warm water until the food is defrosted. Moreover, if the food is fully cooked, you can put it in the microwave or bake it directly. Consider learning some defrosting and freezing tips to save your money and time.